Arthmender's Customer Testimonials

Osborne (age 46) - Nyanza, Kenya

Translated From Portuguese Transcription:

My name is Maria Cruz. I had arthritic pain in my knees.

I've been taking Arthmender for 2 months with Ayurtox now. I feel brand new, I've had very good results and I can move as before.

Maria (age 50) - Francisco Morazan, Honduras

Hi, my name is Duro L. I just wanted to tell you how your supplements have been helping me. I have a problem with my shoulders, especially my right shoulder. I could hardly lift my hand up. I was talking to my friends about doctor's advice on operation if I should go for it. They recommended that I should go for if I really, really needed it. Otherwise I shouldn't.

And then I was searching on the internet and bumped onto your webpage and reading about your products, Arthmender to see what it does and find out about the muscles and recovering the joints. I decided to give it a go, and this was a year ago. It worked very well for me, and I still use it from time to time when I need it.

My wife has started using it too, my mother has been using it too. This has helped them all with joints, knees, and aches all over.

So, I am very thankful for your products. We will keep using and I will tell my friends about your products. Have a goodnight, goodbye.

Duro Lukic - Switzerland

My name is Allen, I have been using your Ayurstate for prostate for a little over four months now. And I can tell you that I have seen improvement.

I am able to get through some nights, without rising to urinate. And on other nights, just one time but frequently, a long time after I have gone to bed.

So I really appreciate the effects that its having on my body, and my condition, and I have just replaced a continuing order for some more.

So I thank you very much for the product and the opportunity to try a sample. I would request a sample of your Arthmender. I do have some arthritic problems, I look forward to trying that sample, and seeing how that might help me. Thank you very much. Goodbye.

Allen (age 77) - California, USA

Translated From Google Translate:

My name is Eliede, from Rio, Brazil. I am suffering from joint pain since 1982, and the pain started with my knee. I went for many treatments, taking a lot of Cortisone substances and none of them gave me a result.

And so, it was until last year when my knee became aggravated by arthritis, and I had to go for an operation. And now in January, I could still feel the pain. I found these supplements, Arthmender and Ayurtox which I have begun taking. And I am only taking it for more or less than 4 months, I began to feel the relief for my joint pain after the first month, and I felt relieved as things got better.

So I can only recommend and I would recommend to anyone who has joint pain like in my case of rheumatism and arthritis. If you found it in your blood test, I would recommend you to try them and it can relieve your pain gradually.

Eliede (age 58) - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

When I started taking Arthmender my back hurt me all the time. My doctor said that I had degenerative arthritis in my lower spine. I would have back spasms so violent that I would actually scream. My wife would freak out because she could not help me. At night in bed when I would try to turn over I would always moan because it hurt so bad to even move.

To be honest with you I even thought about taking my life because my quality of life was zero. Walking hurt, sitting hurt, sleeping hurt, everything I did hurt. After I started with Arthmender I still hurt but after about 45 days I noticed I didn't hurt as much. Last week I told my wife that your product actually worked for me. The pain is gone, I can sleep at night without waking up in pain. I can sit for hours and my back doesn't hurt at all. I even returned to lifting weights ( though very carefully ). You have given me my life back and I can't thank you enough. I just retired after 37 years in the military. I have had numerous injuries and I fought in four wars. The military isn't very kind to your body and I'm very thankful that I ran across your product by accident. Thank you so much for giving me my life back. I sent you an attachment with my picture. I hope it comes through. Getting back in the gym is just fantastic. Tell your boss to read this. You guys are great. I have been telling my friends about your product.

Earl (age 56) - California, USA

It has been great talking to you on the phone a few times. I am actually quite happy with my Prostate Care supplement from India Herbs. But you must know that I was a firm skeptic and a disbeliever when it came to herbal or alternative medicine supplements. I just did not believe they can do the job. But apparently I was mistaken.

At India Herbs you have managed over the years with your accumulated experience and also drawing from immense tradition and history of Indian natural remedy and holistic medicine to create unique and very effectively potent products. I congratulate you for this.

I think that while the "classic medicine" has powerful effects, the side-effects and the drawbacks are quite heavy to consider. All along India Herbs products are balanced, natural and holistic. For example I used to take for a few months heavy and hard on my stomach antibiotics for my prostate condition - not much significant results other than stomach aches and over all discomfort.

Surfing the net for an alternative solution I stumbled upon your web site and decided to try this for once in my life - I order 4 boxes of AyurState Prostate Care and could not have been happier since. Your product actually worked and there were positive results within the first two weeks - the pain disappeared together with many symptoms associated with prostate infection. Thank you India Herbs. Keep up the great research work and your commitments to quality.


Marcelus (age 34) Cluj Napoca, Romania